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2018/09/25 - Chat is up.

It's bridged to Discord - but Discord doesn't have E2EE - in other words, no privacy from Discord..

For the time being, registration is open, so you can register right from the site/desktop client.

Desktop Installers

2018-09-08 - On my banishment from our ThinkingHuman's community
I will be publishing an open letter to our community regarding thi s matter here sometime this weekend. I encourage everyone to take the time to read it.
-- Asha'man

NeoCrypto Trading Chat Infrastructure Update [

Deploying the infrastructure is taking a little longer than initially planned, because I want to get it right on the first attempt in order to minimize technical debt. I am currently actively researching and testdriving a several backend server softwares. As soon as a decision regarding which to use is made, it will be rolled out, along with a website/blog and an XMPP server which will be bridged to the chat (this is more friendly to battery life on mobile devices than Riot). All components (except the bridged Discord group, obviously) well be hosted by me in an effort to maximize our privacy (on a VPS initially, with plans to move to colocated hardware in the future). They will also share a single authentication backend which will include all interfaces to the chat, the wiki, and the website. I am also meeting with a talented programmer who expressed interest in collaborating with me on this project this week; the conversations we have had so far was promising.


We need contributors. To request an account please PM @Asha'man in the Discord.

Technical Analsysis Basics

BitMEX Assistant - Open source Windows application to help with ordering on BitMEX

CME Futures Expire Jul 27th 4pm London time (11am EST, 8am PST) - Source

Scripts and Indicators

Please leave comments about what sort of indicator combinations are desired. I will post some snippets that you can simply copy paste or customize as you see fit when I have a better idea of what is needed. Examples (EMAs, MAs, Bollinger Bands, Keltner channel) - Asha'man - 05/01/2018, added SMA and EMA scripts with configurable timeframe.

USDT Printing Press

CBOE Bitcoin Futures expiration dates

CME Futures Expiration Calendar

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